From Montreal, by data nerds, with love

Founded in 2019, Systematik is a fast-growing full-stack data consulting company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Our mission is simple:

We aim to be the secret weapon of every client we have. We firmly believe that when leveraged correctly, data is one of the most valuable assets a company can have.

We are proud to be data nerds and love to work on projects that have a high impact on businesses.

We love seeing our client’s faces when they can finally make data-driven decisions based on a single source of truth.

Eric Boissonneault
CEO & Founder of Systematik

Meet the founder

From Poker to Entrepreneur

Eric Boissonneault excels at transforming complex data into strategic business solutions. His unique skill set combines a successful professional poker background with a strong mathematical foundation from the Université du Québec à Montréal, enabling versatile and impactful data-driven decision-making across various industries.

Leading Systematik, a full-stack data consulting firm, Eric applies this distinct expertise to benefit clients like Zendesk, Wounded Warrior Project, Royal Bank of Canada, Good Ranchers, and Axon, demonstrating the firm’s adaptability and effectiveness in diverse market sectors.

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