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Start getting value out of your data in no time by partnering with us. Get a dedicated external data team and a fully functional data architecture, including automated dashboards, in 3 weeks or less.

Founded in 2019, Systematik is a full-stack data consulting company that aims to help businesses leverage their data for growth. We are certified Google Analytics consultants and Fivetran and dbt partners.

We would love to learn more about your project and help you get more out of your data.

Maxime Villemure

“We have seen a dramatic increase in conversion rates”

“We’ve been working with Systematik for the past 2 years now. The insights we got from their automated dashboards allowed us to make major adjustments to our sales strategy. I can’t recommend them enough.”

– Maxime Villemure 
Co-founder of Spaceful

Tame the chaos with a single source of truth

Say goodbye to chaotic reporting and team misalignment. Our agile data analytics services provide value every step of the way.

Make better & faster decisions

Stop wasting time hacking reports together only to realize the results are inaccurate.

Our custom solution will provide you with a single source of truth anyone in your organization can use to make better and faster decisions.

Maximize your marketing budget

With accurate tracking and attribution, you’ll be able to see which marketing channel performs best.

Data insights will also help you gain a crystal-clear understanding of your target audience – so you can create messaging that resonates with them.

Create a product that your customers love

Everything you need to know about your customers in just a few clicks. Churn, lifetime value, favorite products, churn reasons, acquisition channel, and more. 

Fast and easy to use dashboards

With our custom dashboards, you’ll provide your team, or your clients, with a fast and easy way to monitor and analyze data.

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Accurate and automated tracking is the basis for profitable data analysis. Gain trust in your data, knowing it was tracked by our team of experts.



Provide your team or clients with an easy way to monitor and analyze data.



We aim to be our clients secret weapon. When partnering with us, you get ongoing access to all our services.

Full-stack data consulting

We also offer Agency to Agency solutions :

RELIABLE & ACCURATE Digital Analytics Subcontracting solution White-labeled for agencies looking to scale their interim & long-term analytics requirements without compromising the SECURITY of their client’s data.

How to get started

The following steps explain how we can (typically) work together.

Discovery meeting

During this free, no-obligation call, we’ll discuss your specific analytics needs.

Detailed roadmap

We'll build a detailed roadmap including the works to be done, cost estimates & timelines.

Project delivery

We'll deliver the project as laid out in the project roadmap.

Click the button below to schedule a free, no-obligation call. We will help you plan your data strategy at no cost.

Adrian Shiel

“Systematik prevailed where 2 other agencies failed miserably.”

“Systematik prevailed where 2 other agencies failed miserably. They did the work in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of the other agencies.

Thanks to them, I can now confidently make critical business decisions based on accurate data. This is absolutely invaluable to our business!”

– Adrian Shiel 
Co-founder of High Performing Coach Ltd.

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We will help you plan your data strategy at no cost.

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Frequently asked questions

We are not marketers who dabbles into data analytics. Data is all we do.

We build and advise on end-to-end data solutions. Our team comprises measurement specialists, data analysts, data engineers, data architects, and data scientists.

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Sure, you could hire a freelancer, an agency from a third-world country, or a marketing generalist who dabbles in a bit of everything. In fact, most of our clients tried one of these solution before contacting us.

Here’s why we think you should save yourself the hassle and hire us directly.

  • Better tracking & attribution leads to a bigger return on ad spend
  • We don’t need babysitting and can even communicate with your clients directly or assist you during meetings about analytics.
  • We have a robust system that deliver quality work every time.
  • Our attention to detail is unmatched.
  • We are a full-stack data consulting agency. No project is too complex for us.
  • We are always available.

Yes, we will work as extended part of your team. You can let us know about your processes and we will just white-label the service package for you.

Yes, this is exactly the type of work we specialize in. We’ve built over 25 modern data pipelines. Consolidating data from more than 100+ data sources.

Think of it like this: all-in-one solutions in data are a bit like those Swiss Army knives. They promise to do everything – cut, screw, open bottles. Sounds great, right? But when you actually need to do a serious job, like screwing in a tight screw or cutting a tough material, that tiny knife or screwdriver just doesn’t cut it. You need specialized tools.

Now, apply that to data solutions. If an all-in-one is super flexible, it’s like a Swiss Army knife with a hundred tools. It can do a lot, but it’s so complex that you need a specialist just to find the right tool. And specialists aren’t easy to come by.

If it’s too simple, it’s like having a Swiss Army knife with just a couple of tools. It works fine at first, but as your needs grow – say you need to manage more data or your analyses get more complex – that simplicity becomes a limitation. You’re stuck trying to do a professional job with a basic tool.

And what if the all-in-one doesn’t have the exact tool you need? You end up having to get additional tools anyway and find a way to make them work with your Swiss Army knife.

Plus, these all-in-ones are often like fancy gadgets where you can’t see how they work inside. If something breaks or doesn’t work as expected, good luck figuring out why without a detailed manual or an expert.

And to top it off, they’re like high-end gadgets that cost a pretty penny, especially as you start using them more and more.

In a nutshell, that’s why many companies prefer building custom data pipelines. It’s like having a tool belt with exactly the tools you need, chosen by you. Sure, it takes time to assemble and you need a range of tools, but in the long run, it’s more efficient, scalable, and tailored to your specific needs.